Busy lil bees just a flying all around

Thats the way I feel today.  I have things to do and dont feel like I have enough hours to do them in.  I have got to stop by the pharmacy at some point.  I just dont want to leave out.  Why, you ask.  Its flipping HOT today.

I was at the laundromat earlier and thought I was going to sweat to death – and I was the only one in there running any of the machines.  lol  I had four loads to do today.  You might wonder where we actually stash dirty laundry to keep it out of the way so that we dont walk all over it.  In the closet of course!  I shut the door and forget!  I have started to perfect this whole laundry game.  I am going once every week and a half.  It takes me about $10-$12 to wash and dry the four loads.  It just works better for us.  Usually I will stay in there and fold my clean laundry on the tables, but it was so hot today that I brought it home.  All laundry has been washed, dried, folded and put away!!

I have things around here I need to do, but just dont feel like it.  Hubby is off work by 6pm today, and he wants to go walk around Disney Springs.  Im just not sure.  Its just so hot. lol  I am such a sad case.  I hibernate in the house during the summer time unless I am going to the pool.  But I dont like cold weather either and could never survive in an area that got really cold and snow. See, sad case!!

We also need to stop in at Best Buy and a few other places near it so that we can get our ShopKicks.  All for walking in.  I am about 200 “kicks” away from having a free $5 gift card from Walmart.  I know it doesnt sound like a whole lot – but its FREE!!  I havent spent anything to get them.  Of course, if I did, I would get more kicks and get to my rewards a lot faster.  But I am ok with  just getting kicks for walking in and scanning things.  If you sign up for this, I will receive about 50 kicks! PCW Shopkick Link

We got the official “YOUR HIRED” email from Disney today.  I can say that hubby is now officially a Disney Cast Member!!

Hubby said I could post  – only if I removed his name! lol  

He has a ton of stuff to fill out.  But he can do most of it all from the comfort and luxury of our “condo”. It is a step in the right direction and hopefully he will be able to work himself into the IT Dept.  He was so excited when he called earlier, “Babe….. we get 50-60% off cruises with Disney!!!  Based on availability.”  Ummmm, yeah!  Im there.  Maybe next year for Mothers Day, or soon after!!  We have never been on a Disney cruise.  I never could see paying the $$ for it.  But heck, if they are going to mark it down way low – YES!!!  I will go.  lol  While I am thinking about travel, I just wanted to let you all know – I knew that the Keys would be too expensive for us to do right now.  I didnt want anything thinking we were crazy or anything since we are strapped for cash right now.  We are not going to go and I had to show hubby just how much it would cost.  Once I did, there was no other talks of it.  Its just one of those things where you wish you could but know you cant and even though you cant you are still going to verbalize it. So, thanks for letting us “dream” yesterday. lol

I better get off here and go do the things I need to do.  I will be grumbling the whole way! lol  Thank you all for reading and have an awesome day.

The Perpetual Campers



Caked on!

I just need to vent a little.I really miss having my washer and dryer!  I do.  I make no bones about it – I do not like going to the laundromat.  Never have and never will.  Its always hot and just yucky.  You have no idea what someone else has put in the washers.

Not only that, but our campground lets others who are NOT staying here come onto the property and use the laundromat.  They take over on the weekends and its hard for us to get a washer and dryer.  I understand why they do it.  The price for wash and dry is a little better here than it is at the local laundromat down the road.  Plus, they can pay the campground $5 per person to swim in the pool.  They like to let their kids swim while washing their laundry.  Its a great idea!  Except it intrudes on our oasis here at the campground.  We went to the pool yesterday and there was about 10 kids and 6 adults swimming that do not live here.  I wouldnt even get it. I told hubby it made me think it was human soup!  I really do wish they would not let others pay to use the pool, but they are making a little $$, so I understand.

Honestly, they probably need to make it where they can since there are a lot of vacancy here right now.  There was a lot of vacancy during the busy season too.  They are not marketing this place right and their rates are a little high.  Needless to say – its being mismanaged here.  I was also told that anytime someone complains to the owner (who I have never seen), they are quickly and quietly evicted.  This comes from an employee who we have befriended.  Didnt like the person at first – but they have warmed up to us. lol

powder-vs-liquidBoy did I get off on a tangent.  So back to the laundry.  I’m kinda peeved.  When I go to do laundry, I look in the washer and make sure there is nothing in them.  If it looks like there is something in them, like dirt, I will take a napkin and wipe it out.  A few days ago, when I was there, I didnt see anything in the washers.  I put my clothes in, put in my liquid detergent, set it and pushed my quarters in and let it do its job.  After the washer stops, the next logical thing is to put everything in the dryer. There are a few clothes that I do not dry. I hang them outside and let the sun and wind dry then naturally.  Everything looked good – or so I thought. I got my clothes back to my condo and hung them up outside.  Thats when I noticed that one of my nightgowns had caked on washing powder all on it.

Enter a caption

Ugh!  This is NOT the first time.  It seems like it is almost every time I wash this happens.  Never the white clothes – just the colored!!  Needless to say, I brought the nightgown inside and washed it out.   But there was no indication of powder being in the bottom of the washer.  If there is any suggestions on this issue, I welcome them!!

Well, hubby is working today and son and I need to find something to do!  Working almost open to close with only one day off SUCKS for my hubby.  He technically has 20 more days  until he starts the other job, as long as he passes the drug test and then physical.  Shouldnt be an issue though!!  There is still one other place that is in the works. They sent him an email wanting to do a background check.  Then they should set up an interview, etc.  Either place would be awesome to work.  Ok, I am off of here and need to find a way to entertain my entertainer today.  Have a great day and thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers


Laundry is done!

Ohhhh, Im doing a second entry today. lol  How special.  Ok, laundry is done.  From the start – when I closed the lid on the washer and pushed the quarters in until I took the clothes out of the dryer and folded them – it took me all of one hour and 15 minutes to do………….4 loads of laundry.  I was so bad this past week. I kept putting it off, and off, and off.  I went about a week and a half between washes and shouldnt have.  I still need to put it all up, but I just need a break after being in the hot laundromat.

There are some things that I just do not dry.  Some of those are t-shirts, etc. Just depends on what type of material they are made from.  I have been able to go long periods of time without buying new clothing because I hang most wearing clothes up to dry instead of putting them in the dryer.

When we moved in here, we got an accordion type laundry hanger to put outside to dry our clothes.  The spaces were so near each other, they didnt allow for wind to go in-between very often and it took longer to air dry.  One day I was at Aldi and found a clothes hanger that was on a tripod.  HHHHMMMMM, This looks like it will allow the air to go in-between and dry the clothes faster.  The picture is just like the one I purchased. imageI think I purchased it for $12.  The problem that I have with it is that it is plastic.  A somewhat good wind comes through and knocks it down.  I guess I need to find something that can pin it to the ground or hold it in place. lol

Ok, guess I will go put my laundry up. Have a good one!!

The Perpetual Campers


Folding rugs? That doesnt sound right!

Hello!  Hope your day is going well.  I feel like I have been running all darn day.  We had things we had to go get today from Walmart – my most favorite place on earth (insert eye roll here). While there, I went ahead and bought another panel of the brown, blackout curtains.  I am trying to get it dark in the area where son sleeps so that the morning sun does not wake him up too early.  With more curtains and his new cot for his mattress – he will be snoozing real good soon.  We also had to take something back to home depot.  We had bought too many materials to stop the leak on the slide out.

Speaking of the leak, I think we have it fixed.  I know! Its not the same as buying the materials and paying someone to come over and replace the seals, etc.  But for now – it worked and all we spent was $10.  We used waterproof tape and flashing.  Its not ugly like that huge band aid tarp was. Here is hubby on top taping it up. Lol


After we got back, I had to take all of our sheets, blankets, rugs, etc down to the laundry and wash them. Hubby wanted me to wait until tomorrow to do laundry, but I told him that I wanted to do it now, not then.  On the weekends, the laundry room is full of people.  Sometimes it is just hard to get two washers beside each other and even a few dryers.  Going during the day while everyone is in school and at work – it frees up the laundry room. Lol  Thankfully, our weather is cool again and made going in there bearable. I change our sheets pretty regularly, but our blankets just needed a wash.  It had been about 2 months or so since they had been washed.  Do you wash yours on a regular basis or is it every few months?  Check out the folding job I did on the sheets. Yeah, I needed to gloat a little bit. Lol  My grandma taught me how to fold the fitted sheet properly.  I remember telling her one time that I could never fold the fitted sheet well.  She said, “Well honey, let me teach you how.”  Ok, I will let you. I love my grandma. Hehe  Wish I could see her more often. The fitted sheet is on the bottom in the picture.  Hint:  its tucking all the corners into one.image

My dad had put down rugs in the camper when he first got it.  I left them here and use them.  They help cut down on the dirt that we drag in.  I have been doing a few things around the outside as well. I am not ready to show what I have done, but this will be something I write about at a later time. Maybe a few days or so.  I did buy a welcome mat to put at the foot of the stairs to also help with the dirt coming in.  One thing I have noticed is that this little home gets dirty FAST!!  I think I have to sweep every day. UGH!  Lolimage

What is everyone doing for this weekend? I think we are going to take son to an open audition.  We also have a filming to go to later this month for the series he was cast in.  We hope and pray it gets picked up.  I know it is supposed to show on the local educational channel in Broward Co. FL, but would love for it to be picked up and shown elsewhere.  Here is the facebook link if anyone wants to go on and like it or look it over.  https://www.facebook.com/Ted-the-Trainman-431101517074729/?fref=ts

Well, I STILL have a few things to do around here.  I want to get some things taken care of while hubby is at work so that we can have the whole weekend to enjoy.  Thanks for reading!!

The Perpetual Campers