Here I sit….

At the Library again. lol  I am taking advantage of hubby having a few days off where I can come to the library.  Once he is back at work, he will be taking the van with him. That will leave us at home without a way to go.  If we need something, we have a grocery within walking or biking distance.  But, because Disney is over 15 minutes from where we are at – I let him take the van.  Its better on gas AND his brakes are not fixed on the truck.  It has been sitting in the parking place for a while. lol  Before he was at Disney, he would cautiously take it to work since work was 8 minutes away.  But I dont want him driving the truck knowing that the brakes are almost gone.

I am trying to be quick so that we can go and get things done.  He didnt make it to the top of the roof yesterday to spray the sealant.  It rained last night.  The bedroom area did not leak.  He did need to move his chair because a drip kept dripping on his bald head. lol  We put a small trash can to collect it and  put plastic bags over the plugs and sat down and watched The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2.  OH WOW!!  Really good, but so sad it is over.

This morning, after we had scrambled eggs and turkey bacon, hubby pulled out our neighbors ladder and climbed on our very bad roof.  We know we need to have it replaced – we just dont have the money right now.  I was out there with him to make sure if he fell, I could call an ambulance.  Yeah, there is just no way I could catch him if he fell off the roof.  hehehe  I absolutely do not like him getting up there.  But it had to be done.  He used the whole can in certain areas – the ones that we knew it leaked.  I am not ready for it to rain soon, but I am eager to see if it repels the rain.  I will let ya know!

I am being rushed today, so I will leave you with a few pictures from when we were at Animal Kingdom the other night.  The first two are from a street party they have. The costumes were so beautiful. They are now lighting up the tree and telling a story on it. We did not stay for the story, but I did get a quick pic of the tree lit up.  Hope you all are having an awesome day!  Thank you for reading.




The Perpetual Campers.


Its all gone!

I have used up all my data. That didnt last long.  Hubby has told me that I need to cool it with the internet. lol  I guess I do.  The government will not allow phone carriers to supply unlimited internet data, so I am stuck!!

We are at the library for a few minutes. Hubby told me since it is his day off, he doesnt want to be here long – and I understand.  When he left work yesterday, we headed over to Animal Kingdom.  They are starting to keep that park open late.  This is something they never did before. Usually the park would close around 5 or 6, but I guess so many people complained that they decided to keep it open.

But it was pouring last night when we got home.  I mean, the sky opened up and just let loose!  We were hoping that it was not leaking in the “condo”……which it was!  Today we stopped at Lowe’s to get a rubber sealant  spray to see if we can maybe spray a few areas where the leaks are coming in at.  It was $9.98 and we just didnt have the money for it.  We are absolutely broke.  Thankfully paychecks will be on a consistent period now. Faced with the “What the heck do we do?” I told hubby that our Shop Kicks may give us immediate Lowes Gift Cards.  If you want free money too, get ShopKicks on your phone and use my referral code:

I pulled out my phone and starting letting my fingers walk all over that app.  Sure enough, we could get a gift card that could be electronically sent to us and used immediately. Hubby had enough for $5 and I had enough to get a $5 gift card.  I absolutely LOVE free money!  The only thing we paid was tax.  We paid $0.63 out of our own pocket.


Now we just need to get it on the roof!  Which is another reason why hubby wants to hurry up and get out of the Library!  By the way, the contest is still going for my son.  Just look for this picture to vote:web Z TUCKER-47


There is only a few more hours left, and he is in 3rd place.  Really good since he just entered a few days ago.  Everyone else entered earlier in the month!!  I wish he would win – but we are ok if he doesnt. lol  Thanks for your votes.

Until tomorrow, or the next day!!  Thank you all for reading and have an awesome day.

The Perpetual Campers


The ball is rolling and the rain fell hard.

I absolutely cant stand not being in my own privacy using the internet. lol  I am sitting at the library writing this today.  Son is trying to do his school work, but there appears to be a group that the library has brought in of small kids where they are LOUDLY reading stories.  The reader is very animated and son keeps trying to laugh.  Focus son FOCUS!! This will be heavy with pictures today. I also realized just now, not all of my pictures were saved on my computer.  When I get home, I will need to download again and capture the ones I forgot.  I have more pictures of the new area of Disney Springs!!

Yesterday was very exciting for us. It was hubbys day off, and he had to go and finish his NEW HIRE paperwork with Disney.  OH MY!!!  Son and I went with him so that we could make a day of it.  We sat in the van and waited while he was in there.  We could see the clouds moving in as we pulled up.  As soon as hubby walked in, the sky opened up and we were poured on.  We had parked under a tree because the sun was out and we wanted to be in a shade.  As soon as the rain started, we could hear limbs falling and hitting the van.  Then the van started to move a little bit, side-to-side.  This was making son a little nervous.  I moved over to the drivers seat and moved the van to a spot that had NO trees around it at all.  Son asked if he should keep his seat belt on.  Sure – I am too!  We were there no more than 20 minutes!!  Thats just how fast the weather rolls in FL.  Hubby was done and we were on our way. I wish I could post the video I took.  It was really bad.

We went over to Disney University so hubby could see where it was at and where he would have their version of orientation.  After that, we went over to the new area of Disney Springs that they just opened up about 2 days ago.  It is all shopping and so very nice.  I kinda felt like they were catering to locals with this new area.  Its a lot of stores that you would find in a mall.  There are also places to eat.  One thing they are working on is Planet Hollywood. That place needed refurbishing on the outside.  I think this area is going to be one of my new favorite places. It is really nice!

Going back to the parking garage. No detail is too small. Tiles on the stairs.
Guest services area. It was a wrap around porch and they had rocking chairs that we sat in for a few minutes.
Outside at the Lego store.  The backdrop is made completely of legos.  Son was in lego heaven.  lol

One place we are just excited to try (when we have some extra $$) is Poutine.  French fries with a flare!!  Honestly, I think I am going to LOVE the French version. But they all look so good!



The other place I am dying to go back is Amorettes.  Oh my gosh!  This is a pastry shop.  I need to loose some lbs before I go in there!!  Anyway, I will let the pictures speak for itself!  Enjoy!!



After we left out of Disney Springs, we decided to come back home since the weather was not good.  We were home about 30 minutes when the sky opened up again and released buckets on us.  Once again – we had leaks.  Now that hubby will be working a normal paying job – we can save up some $$ and have something done with this crazy roof. lol

Well, thank you all for reading today.  Sorry I cannot post as often right now since I have no internet at home. It is also really hard for me to read everyones blogs, but I am darn sure gonna try!! I think we are going to end up purchasing a hotspot device where we can pre-purchase internet to use. I still wont be able to download as much or look at videos – but right now it is all about saving money.  Have an awesome day my friends!!

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Raindrops keep falling on my head…..

What a beautiful day today.  The sun is out, it is warm and we do not need to worry about rain.  The last day and a half, we were plagued with rain, rain and more rain.  The night before, I woke up to our lil doggie sitting on my pillow, in front of my face, shaking uncontrollably. Poor lil guy.  We might need to take him to the vet to see if there is any anxiety meds they can give him.  I have to admit – when it is really bad out – it scares me too.

I wet ahead and got up with him and turned on the TV.  I saw on the news that our weather was really bad and there was even hail in areas very near us.  One thing we noticed, or already knew, is that we still have leaks.  They are not as bad as they once were, but still a nuisance.  There is one that is above our heads in the bedroom area.  It drips down the wall and has gotten onto our mattress and pillows.  What I do with this is put big plastic sheets over everything that is against that wall.  Then I put dirty towels on it so that they can collect water.  During the day, we also moved the mattress about a foot away from the wall. Thankfully, this is the first time in months that this has happened.  We also noticed that there is a leak above our front door where an old antenna is at.  We have been trying to figure out if there is a way to remove and plug it up or cover it up, or something.  I had to put a small trash can under it to catch the water.  Then the last one was above our table.  Thankfully this was really tiny.  A small bowl was placed on the table to catch it, and it was probably the size of a tablespoon of water.  This one is where the slide out comes out.  I checked the other area where we have had leaks before, but there was none – thankfully!!  On his next day off, hubby is going to get up at the front and seal the area where the roof and camper meets. We hope that this might be good enough.  There is a lot of work that needs to be done on the camper  – but we just need the $$ to do so. lol

Hubby has been requested to do a drug test for the other company that he has put in an application for. This one is a government related company – so they drag their feet.  He would rather take that job over Disney because it would be a REALLY GOOD job.  Still not in the field he studies, but government work and great benefits.  He is afraid that he is going to start Disney and then a week later, or soon after, the other is going to come through.  He knows it wont look good to quit so soon to take another job. So he is in a quandary on what to do.  Guess its a good position to be in right now. lol  The other aspect of the govt job is that it would bring us back to an area near where we just moved from.  That part of it we are not so crazy about since the opportunities for son are where we are at now.  I know I can always travel back and forth for him, but the Interstate is very dangerous.

On to another subject.  Gas prices!  Yeah, I need to gripe about it today.  I know everyone thinks the price of gas is way too high where they are – and it is!  We have been paying about $2.15 per gallon in our area.  The other day I took son on an audition near the Disney area.  The gas stations around that area are notorious about having their prices a little higher because of where they are at.  I know this.  Thats why I do not stop at any of them.  Well, on the way to this audition, the gas light came on.  I told son that I was going to keep going because the hotel where the audition was at was a little off the beaten path.  I purposely did not want to stop near Disney and pay a higher price.  Heck – we dont have the money to pay a higher price right now.

I saw that there was a gas station right across from the “village” (3 hotels) area where the audition was at.  I pulled in, grabbed $5 out of my purse and went in to pay. I know, I know….I just wanted to put enough in to get back home. Plus, I didnt have much more than that with me.  Son and I walked in, told the guy what pump we were on and walked out. Another woman walked out with us and was complaining the whole time about how she wasnt going to pay their price.  I honestly did not look to see how much it was.  Well, her comments made me look!  Oh no, I am NOT paying that much!!  They wanted $5.99 PER GALLON!!  I wouldnt have even gotten enough to get a gallon.  So I walked my happy rear end back into there and told the guy that I wanted my money back.  Then I also added, “I cant believe you are charging $5.99 per gallon. That is robbery of our money and you are taking advantage of our tourist that come to our city.  Your management and owner should be ashamed of themselves!You can go a few blocks over and pay only $2.15.”  Then I walked out.  Another girl pulled up for gas when I was leaving and I asked her if she noticed the price of gas.  When she said no (she did like I did and assumed it was the same as everyone else) I politely told her that it was highly inflated and they are robbing anyone who purchases it when you can go a few blocks over and get it for $2.15.   So for all of my peeps around this area who want to know where NOT to go:


After looking up the gas station on-line – it appears as if this is normal for them and has been reported to the media for years.  One person actually paid $80 for a tank of gas.  CRAZY!!!  It is obvious – I do not go in this area very often. lol

Need to help son with school and then we are off to the pool I think!  Hope you are all having a beautiful day.  Thanks for reading.

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Folding rugs? That doesnt sound right!

Hello!  Hope your day is going well.  I feel like I have been running all darn day.  We had things we had to go get today from Walmart – my most favorite place on earth (insert eye roll here). While there, I went ahead and bought another panel of the brown, blackout curtains.  I am trying to get it dark in the area where son sleeps so that the morning sun does not wake him up too early.  With more curtains and his new cot for his mattress – he will be snoozing real good soon.  We also had to take something back to home depot.  We had bought too many materials to stop the leak on the slide out.

Speaking of the leak, I think we have it fixed.  I know! Its not the same as buying the materials and paying someone to come over and replace the seals, etc.  But for now – it worked and all we spent was $10.  We used waterproof tape and flashing.  Its not ugly like that huge band aid tarp was. Here is hubby on top taping it up. Lol


After we got back, I had to take all of our sheets, blankets, rugs, etc down to the laundry and wash them. Hubby wanted me to wait until tomorrow to do laundry, but I told him that I wanted to do it now, not then.  On the weekends, the laundry room is full of people.  Sometimes it is just hard to get two washers beside each other and even a few dryers.  Going during the day while everyone is in school and at work – it frees up the laundry room. Lol  Thankfully, our weather is cool again and made going in there bearable. I change our sheets pretty regularly, but our blankets just needed a wash.  It had been about 2 months or so since they had been washed.  Do you wash yours on a regular basis or is it every few months?  Check out the folding job I did on the sheets. Yeah, I needed to gloat a little bit. Lol  My grandma taught me how to fold the fitted sheet properly.  I remember telling her one time that I could never fold the fitted sheet well.  She said, “Well honey, let me teach you how.”  Ok, I will let you. I love my grandma. Hehe  Wish I could see her more often. The fitted sheet is on the bottom in the picture.  Hint:  its tucking all the corners into one.image

My dad had put down rugs in the camper when he first got it.  I left them here and use them.  They help cut down on the dirt that we drag in.  I have been doing a few things around the outside as well. I am not ready to show what I have done, but this will be something I write about at a later time. Maybe a few days or so.  I did buy a welcome mat to put at the foot of the stairs to also help with the dirt coming in.  One thing I have noticed is that this little home gets dirty FAST!!  I think I have to sweep every day. UGH!  Lolimage

What is everyone doing for this weekend? I think we are going to take son to an open audition.  We also have a filming to go to later this month for the series he was cast in.  We hope and pray it gets picked up.  I know it is supposed to show on the local educational channel in Broward Co. FL, but would love for it to be picked up and shown elsewhere.  Here is the facebook link if anyone wants to go on and like it or look it over.

Well, I STILL have a few things to do around here.  I want to get some things taken care of while hubby is at work so that we can have the whole weekend to enjoy.  Thanks for reading!!

The Perpetual Campers

Air drama aint for this mama!

Well, if its not one thing – its another!  Sorry I have been MIA lately.  We have had things around the condo that we needed to repair.

First off – we know we have to fix the leak.  We don’t have a whole lot of money and we don’t really have the money to have anyone come out and fix the leak.  We are pretty sure that where it is located – it is coming from where the slide-out comes in and out only on one side. We went to home depot and bought this foam that goes around air conditioners. It does not retain water – but repels it.  Hubby took this foam and squished it under the foam seal that has become weak.  It is a temporary fix and we know that.  He also took metal flashing and placed it on the top of the slide-out in a way where water will run down the flashing instead of going into the slide out. Our neighbor also had a waterproof tape that we put on the top and bottom of the flashing.   Kinda like a cover.  It has not rained yet, so we do not know if it is going to work.  Keep your fingers crossed.

You might wonder what we did with the tarp.  Well, we took it down.  When hubby and the neighbor put it up, they put it over the air conditioner.  I tried to tell them that it could not go over the top of the air.  But do you think they listened to me?  Heck no!  At some point over the weekend, we started to smell a funky burning smell.  The fan in the air conditioner was also rattling.  Great, no air.  We had it turned on, but there was no cool air coming through.  All day Saturday and Sunday, we were here with no air.  It wasn’t that bad, but the next few days were projected to reach in the mid to low 80s.  Monday morning, we were on the phone trying to find a repair person. We talked to one guy, who said he wouldn’t be able to come until next MONDAY!! We left messages for a few others but had no calls back.  We opened all the windows and went to storage to grab our huge cyclone fan.  Lets just say that it was HOT.

Finally, yesterday, one of the repair people called us back.  We told him what was going on and he said that it sounded like it would be an easy fix.  He wasn’t sure if he was able to get here or not on the same day, that he would try but warned that it may be Wednesday.  Hey – its better than next Monday. Lol  Hubby went on to work while my little munchkin and I sat here.  Ok, it was so hot that I became sleepy and ended up taking a nap.  Let me ask you, when it is hot, do you ever just want to veg and not do anything?  I get to the point where all I want to do is just sit around with a fan and a cold washcloth on my neck.  This was just bringing back too many bad memories. See, last August when my dad passed, our apartment air was on the fritz.  We went off and on for over a month without air. Yes, they gave us portable air conditioners, but it only cooled one room and we all had to sleep in the living room like we were in a commune. Here we are, almost six months later having air issues again.  Not good in Florida.  Especially with our crazy weather.  One day we are cold and the next we are hot.

So as I am sitting here dozing off in the chair, I hear a knock on my door.  The very nice repair man showed up.  He got onto our very soft roof and got to work.  He replaced the return something or another switch and was done in about 30 minutes at the most. Thank you Jesus the air is working!  Best of all, he gave me a discount for paying with cash.  After all was done, it cost us $106 for the repair.  We were really scared that the tarp had done bad damage to the air and that we would need a new one.  So darn glad that this was not the case.

What else have we done, you may be wondering.  The couch that came with this unit was old and tilted to one side a little. I know we have sons twin mattress on top of it since it lays all the way down, but I didn’t think he was getting quality sleep.  We decided to pull the couch out.  We had to unbolt it from the sides of the wall, but it was relatively easy to get out of here.  We put it in storage with the rest of our junk.  We went to Walmart and found a camping cot to use as a frame. We priced bed frames and the cheapest we could find was $75 and they we would need to get a box spring, which would have been another $100. YIKES!!  We went with the camping cot because it was only $32.  We put his mattress on top of it and fixed it just like we had it before.  The mattress hangs off the right and left sides by about 3 inches each.  After son slept on it, we asked him how it was and he said that it was some of the best sleep he had ever had. Lol

Well, I just wanted to catch up on everything that has been going on.  One think we are learning in this little journey is that we will always have something going on that requires our attention.  Have an awesome day and thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers

Battery Back-up, Blow-up, SCORE!!!

Oh my gosh, I was in car hell yesterday.  We started off the day with me hammering into my hubby that I need a car – bad.   Everything he said I countered with, “Well, I could go and do that IF I HAD A CAR!”  Bless his heart.  We left out of the house for him to take me to the store to get a few groceries, which I would not need a chauffeur if I HAD MY OWN CAR. He took us to lunch and while sitting there, I started talking about how we could go and see the van that I found online.  He decided to go ahead and call out and use Friday as a “find my wife a car” day.

He called the people that had the van that I found online and I could tell by his expressions – he was not really thrilled with the way they were doing business.  “OH, we have someone coming at 4pm to buy the van….. We had someone drive it this morning.   etc, etc, etc”  We went ahead and went to look at it.  Oh my gawd!  It had been wrecked, but was not falling apart.  You would think when a person calls and says “we are on our way” that they would have pulled the vehicle up and made sure everything was ok with it.   We got there and the sales person in his faded and holey sweat pants and old t-shirt told us, “Umm,  well, let me get the jump box. Battery is dead.”  We barely drove it, turned around and left. He tried everything he could to get us to stay and pay $1000.

We left and I got onto my tablet and started searching again.  I found another van at another place for $995.  We went to the place and not one person came up to us.  Now I have to say that the inside was really neat.  I have included a few pictures.  image


We also saw a huge turtle while there. image When we finally got someone he said, “I’m not a salesperson, but I can help you.”  We told him which van, he had it pulled up AFTER they put air in the tire. Yup, it had a flat tire. When we got over to it our not-a-salesperson had disappeared and the service person came up, tried to hand hubby $3 to go put gas in it for a test drive.  HUH?  When we walked up to the van facing it, we could tell the front had been wrecked.  I opened the passenger door and noticed that there was a paper mat on the floor.  I picked it up and noticed that the floor was wet and had mildew all over it.  EEEEEWWWWWWWW   It says to me that the car had a leak and it was apparent due to all the rain we have had. Honestly – I already have a leak in my house…….I dont need one in my car too. lol

After a few other places, we ended up at a dealership that works with people who have slow credit, etc.  We are trying to repair our credit. It is so bad right now due to hubby losing his job last March and not finding one until recently.  They qualified us before we looked at anything.  They were able to tell us what we qualified for.  We did a test drive, did all our paper work and became the owners of a new-to-us van.  We were able to get a 2010 Town and Country Stow n Go.  We are beyond tickled.  We were not going to get  into another financing situation, but we decided that since the other places were selling  nasty cars for what we could afford to pay out-right, we might need to rethink our situation. With what we had as a down payment, we were able to get low payments, and with hubbys job and tax season – we should be able to pay it off sooner than later.

I will leave you a few pictures of our new addition.  Have an awesome day and thanks for reading.



YES!!  This is my new van.


The Perpetual Campers


I have taken a few days to myself.  They were much needed.  I have not felt completely well, and that is probably from the warm-to-cold-to-warm-to-cold.  You know, all the typicals with a cold. Stuffy nose, scratchy throat, etc, etc. I will be glad when the rain goes away.  We are going to need to go to an RV store this weekend and see if they have a tarp that we can pull over the top of the camper.  We have discovered that where the slide out is at – there is ANOTHER leak.  UGH.  We need a sealer to go in the front of the camper at the top – right where our heads are when we sleep.  Lol  Luckily we have yet to feel the water drop on us.  I have opened up those cabinets and put industrial size garbage bags down with towels on top of them to catch any water that may come in. Suggestions on where to go:  camper sales (like camping world) VS camping equipment store (like Bass Pro Shop)?

Have you ever seen the movie Overboard with Goldie Hawn?  Well, there is one segment of the movie where she is asleep on the couch and water is leaking into the home and hitting her right on the forehead.  But she is so exhausted that she sleeps right through it and dreams that the drip is really a piano playing and she is at this huge New Years Eve party.   I only imagine that I would sleep right through it and have a dream of being anywhere but where I am at. Lol  Just like Goldie Hawn.

We are on the search for a car.  Hope to have a not-so-new new car for me this weekend.  I absolutely HATE being stuck at home.  Hate it.  Not much I can do though since I cannot drive the truck.  Its just too big.  I would hit everything in my way.  Buildings, cars, people – I mean EVERYTHING. Hehehe  I will feel like I am part of the living again. Yeah, I don’t do good with being dependent on others.  I know that I probably would not go to many places.  I am very much a homebody.  But there are times that I really need a vehicle.  I need to be able to take son to auditions, or run to the store, etc.  So, hopefully a new car will be in the cards for this weekend.

That’s all for me folks.  I am going to lay down for a bit.  Hopefully I am not getting a cold from the cold.  Its been warmer the last few days, but cooler climates are coming again. Lol  Have a great day everyone and thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers

Breaking wind!

The sun has finally came out today.  From what the weather man was telling last night – it was going to be near evening time before the rain would go away.  I absolutely hate bad weather.  It has become worse since we have moved into our “condo”.  We have known that we need a new roof.  UGH!!  One price we were quoted was about $5000. Its just not worth it.  If we go to resell our condo, we would never recoup that amount of money. SIGH!  So, knowing that we are in our drier season, we have become very lazy about our roof.  Well, today we noticed that we have a leak – right above our heads – in the bedroom.  NO!  We were not in there when it started to leak.  We caught it right as it was starting and put things in place to catch water.

Let me back up a little. We knew last night that the weather would be bad.  I went out yesterday to call son inside from playing and noticed my neighbor outside doing things in her yard. I went over to talk with her for a second and noticed that she was securing all the small items in her yard.  When I asked her about it, she looked at me and said, “News is stating that we are going to get 160 mph winds.” Ummm, ok crazy lady.  Figuring that it was going to get bad, I decided to secure some of the things around our yard too.  I came inside and never saw anything about 160 mph winds.

So son and I had dinner later in the evening and sat down to watch American Idol.  Last season – we gotta see it.  As soon as it goes off, they give a teaser that coming up in the weather section of news – they have information about a huge storm coming our way – stay tuned!! Ok, I am watching!  Whats going on with our freaky weather.  From what they told us, its all part of El Nino.  I was so flipping amazed that I had to take a picture of the TV.


Yup, that says 160 MPH winds.  Wait!!  WHUAAT?  So, my neighbor isn’t crazy or smoking something.  It really said it.  The bad weather was supposed to start rolling in around 6am, which it did.  I was laying in bed at 8am, awake and listening.  I could hear the rain hitting the top of the condo and the wind was swirling all around.  But it was nowhere NEAR hurricane strength winds. From what the news stated, the rain would be very heavy – and it was.  They said that the 160 mph winds were in the upper level heading toward north Florida and Georgia.  Whew!  However, we were advised that our winds would gust and reach up to 40 MPH. We were also told that there could be possible tornados.  I can report that I do not think the winds got near 40, but it did throw caution at us and made us think about the safety of our condo during bad weather.  We now have a plan in place and will use it if we are ever faced with bad weather.  Of course – my plan:  bad weather is coming so the Perpetual Camping Family is heading to a hotel. Lol  Would have been at one last night if we would have had the money.  Like I said, I have never liked bad weather and this condo makes me like it even less.

In the rain, we did take our truck across the road and hit up our local Aldi for the groceries we will need to start our diet.  I sat down this week and put together my shopping list.  I also put together my menu for each day.  We will need to eat at specific times, so I needed to plan our meals so that I can send things to work with hubby that may be easy to keep in his lunchbox.  We came back with our items and I put them all up.  For lunch, I used my new oven and made baked chicken breast sprinkled with curry and an arugula salad on the side.  Theres a party in my tummy, so yummy, so yummy! Lol

Need to go check on our leak in the bedroom and then catch up on some blogs I missed yesterday. Have an awesome day everyone. Thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers