The weekend is here, now what?

Looks like it is going to be an uneventful day. lol  Hubby is working on an assignment for school.  Thats going to keep him pretty busy all day – and thats ok.  He would rather put the time in and get a good grade than rush through it.  Last paper was as a team and every team (not just his) overlooked a component of the paper.  At first they did bad, but the professor let them resubmit for a much much better grade.

He has been up forever this morning. He had an exam that he had to go and take for a job position.  He did really good for it, now we play the waiting game to see if they call him for an interview.  Interviews are called on a grading scale – meaning, if someone else made a better score than he did, they get the call first.  We are hopefully optimistic. lol

Looks like it is going to rain today too.  Might be a game day.  I have Clue and Monopoly, plus a deck of cards.  Will need to clean the table off if we want to play.

Last night was a little nostalgic for me. I have made this for my two guys before – but it has been a while.  I know I have talked about it before, but one of my friends sent me a toaster oven to make it easier for me to cook in the “condo”.  My oven is about the size, or a little smaller, than the toaster oven – but I have to use our gas for it as well.  With the toaster oven, I plug it in and let it do its thing. lol  So I bet you are wondering what I made. hehehe

When I was young, there was a place (I cant remember the name) where you would walk up and order your food. It was right across from the High School and city park.  Kinda like the one in the picture here, but not that flashy. hehe  imageAnyway, we would order Frito Pie from them.  They would empty the fritos into a little paper”boat”, top it with chili and then melt cheese on top.  They would place the boat back into the frito bag with a spoon and you would have your “pie”.  I absolutely LOVED them.  I introduced hubby an son to frito pie a few years ago.  I dont make it often, but when I do – its a hit.  I buy the big bag of fritos, a few cans of chili and use about half a bag of shredded cheese. I layer it and bake it.  Soo good.


Being from small town Mississippi – we had 3 of these places that you walk up to and order.  Ms. Cooks had the BEST roast beef po-boys.  Oh my gosh – heavenly.  When I make them at home, I come close to how good hers were, but hers were still the best.  The other place was Jacks.  Best cheeseburgers EVER!!!  There was a spice in their meat that just gave them a unique taste.  All 3 places are now closed.  So sad.

This reminds me – I need to go figure out what I should pull out of the freezer for dinner tonight. lol  Thank you for reading and letting me walk down memory lane.  Have a good day everyone.

The Perpetual Campers