Here I sit….

At the Library again. lol  I am taking advantage of hubby having a few days off where I can come to the library.  Once he is back at work, he will be taking the van with him. That will leave us at home without a way to go.  If we need something, we have a grocery within walking or biking distance.  But, because Disney is over 15 minutes from where we are at – I let him take the van.  Its better on gas AND his brakes are not fixed on the truck.  It has been sitting in the parking place for a while. lol  Before he was at Disney, he would cautiously take it to work since work was 8 minutes away.  But I dont want him driving the truck knowing that the brakes are almost gone.

I am trying to be quick so that we can go and get things done.  He didnt make it to the top of the roof yesterday to spray the sealant.  It rained last night.  The bedroom area did not leak.  He did need to move his chair because a drip kept dripping on his bald head. lol  We put a small trash can to collect it and  put plastic bags over the plugs and sat down and watched The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2.  OH WOW!!  Really good, but so sad it is over.

This morning, after we had scrambled eggs and turkey bacon, hubby pulled out our neighbors ladder and climbed on our very bad roof.  We know we need to have it replaced – we just dont have the money right now.  I was out there with him to make sure if he fell, I could call an ambulance.  Yeah, there is just no way I could catch him if he fell off the roof.  hehehe  I absolutely do not like him getting up there.  But it had to be done.  He used the whole can in certain areas – the ones that we knew it leaked.  I am not ready for it to rain soon, but I am eager to see if it repels the rain.  I will let ya know!

I am being rushed today, so I will leave you with a few pictures from when we were at Animal Kingdom the other night.  The first two are from a street party they have. The costumes were so beautiful. They are now lighting up the tree and telling a story on it. We did not stay for the story, but I did get a quick pic of the tree lit up.  Hope you all are having an awesome day!  Thank you for reading.




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Ibotta a lot with a gift card and…..

Hello!!!  I just wanted to try to get a post in today.  We are still going to the library for internet.  Its hard for me to sit for long periods of time here.  Ok, well not so much me – but son!!  He is a wiggle worm and has to move around a lot.

The other day I posted about apps that will earn you money.  Well, we were able to fully see how these apps paid!  I already knew how Ibotta paid because I have been doing that one for a while.  At least over a year.  We found ourselves in a predicament where we needed to buy bread and eggs, but had only a little change until payday, which was a few days away.  Hubby decided to go ahead and cash in some of his “kicks” on shopkicks for a $5 gift card.

Before we went in, we sat in the van in the parking lot and redeemed the points.  By the time e went into Walmart, the reward gift card was loaded onto his profile on shopkicks.  We also went in and scanned the items that we could to earn more kicks. We went and got our eggs and bread and hubby also got a drink thing that you squirt into water and it flavors it.  By the way, they  also had wine tasting while we were there.  Who woulda thought – Walmart?!?!?!  LOL  It was no bigger than a teaspoon, but still…..WALMART?!?!?!

We took our items to the register and had the lady ring them up. Hubby then showed her the gift card on his phone. She scanned it and told us that our balance was 46 cents!  I dug out mostly pennies and paid the lady.  We then got into the van and I got into my Ibotta app and scanned the receipt for the bread and eggs.  Through Ibotta, I was able to redeem 2 rebates at 25 cents each.  Thats right – I am being paid 4 cents to walk away with the items!!  Thats a good grocery day if you ask me.Yeah, I had to use a combination of both apps to get it, but I got it!!  Here is a copy of my receipt and a screen shot where Ibotta paid me.



Ok, this boy of mine is driving me crazy with wanting to walk all around.  Think I am going back to the “condo” and throw him in the pool. lol  By the way, today is hubbys first day at Disney.  I hope he is having a wonderful day at Orientation.  I know they have changed it up a lot since I have been there. lol  Anyway, have a great day!!  Thanks for reading. I leave you with a funny!!  My relatives can visit whenever!! lol


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The ball is rolling and the rain fell hard.

I absolutely cant stand not being in my own privacy using the internet. lol  I am sitting at the library writing this today.  Son is trying to do his school work, but there appears to be a group that the library has brought in of small kids where they are LOUDLY reading stories.  The reader is very animated and son keeps trying to laugh.  Focus son FOCUS!! This will be heavy with pictures today. I also realized just now, not all of my pictures were saved on my computer.  When I get home, I will need to download again and capture the ones I forgot.  I have more pictures of the new area of Disney Springs!!

Yesterday was very exciting for us. It was hubbys day off, and he had to go and finish his NEW HIRE paperwork with Disney.  OH MY!!!  Son and I went with him so that we could make a day of it.  We sat in the van and waited while he was in there.  We could see the clouds moving in as we pulled up.  As soon as hubby walked in, the sky opened up and we were poured on.  We had parked under a tree because the sun was out and we wanted to be in a shade.  As soon as the rain started, we could hear limbs falling and hitting the van.  Then the van started to move a little bit, side-to-side.  This was making son a little nervous.  I moved over to the drivers seat and moved the van to a spot that had NO trees around it at all.  Son asked if he should keep his seat belt on.  Sure – I am too!  We were there no more than 20 minutes!!  Thats just how fast the weather rolls in FL.  Hubby was done and we were on our way. I wish I could post the video I took.  It was really bad.

We went over to Disney University so hubby could see where it was at and where he would have their version of orientation.  After that, we went over to the new area of Disney Springs that they just opened up about 2 days ago.  It is all shopping and so very nice.  I kinda felt like they were catering to locals with this new area.  Its a lot of stores that you would find in a mall.  There are also places to eat.  One thing they are working on is Planet Hollywood. That place needed refurbishing on the outside.  I think this area is going to be one of my new favorite places. It is really nice!

Going back to the parking garage. No detail is too small. Tiles on the stairs.
Guest services area. It was a wrap around porch and they had rocking chairs that we sat in for a few minutes.
Outside at the Lego store.  The backdrop is made completely of legos.  Son was in lego heaven.  lol

One place we are just excited to try (when we have some extra $$) is Poutine.  French fries with a flare!!  Honestly, I think I am going to LOVE the French version. But they all look so good!



The other place I am dying to go back is Amorettes.  Oh my gosh!  This is a pastry shop.  I need to loose some lbs before I go in there!!  Anyway, I will let the pictures speak for itself!  Enjoy!!



After we left out of Disney Springs, we decided to come back home since the weather was not good.  We were home about 30 minutes when the sky opened up again and released buckets on us.  Once again – we had leaks.  Now that hubby will be working a normal paying job – we can save up some $$ and have something done with this crazy roof. lol

Well, thank you all for reading today.  Sorry I cannot post as often right now since I have no internet at home. It is also really hard for me to read everyones blogs, but I am darn sure gonna try!! I think we are going to end up purchasing a hotspot device where we can pre-purchase internet to use. I still wont be able to download as much or look at videos – but right now it is all about saving money.  Have an awesome day my friends!!

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An in-ride bath? Really??

Well, not only has our internet been turned off – so has our cable.  It was just costing too much for us right now and we decided to disconnect.  This has been really hard for me since I am here all the time.  We forgot to look for our DVD player after the fact.  We cant find it.  We don’t really have the money to go and purchase another, so we have been without TV. We have a small set of “rabbit ears” or a small antenna BUT it doesn’t hardly pick up anything. PBS was all blurry and yucky.   A person that hubby is currently working with found out about our living situation. He handed hubby a green box the other day and said that it was ours!  This is a more powerful HGTV antenna.  Hubby told him that we didn’t have the money to pay for it and the guy told him not to worry about it – it is ours to keep.  He said that he had bought it and never took it back and didn’t need it anymore.  We are able to pick up about 20 channels (CBS, ABC, LAFF, ATV, ION, Spanish Channels and home shopping channels).  YAY!!  I get to watch the Young and the Restless now. Hehehe Needless to say  – I was extremely grateful!image

We had somewhere to go this morning, and we had a show of our own that was kinda funny.  We were sitting at the red light and my husband stopped mid-sentence and said, “Would you look at that guy!  He is taking a “ bath”. So I look across and see a cab driver next to us.  imageHe had picked up a bottle of cologne and started spraying it all over him.  We started to count the sprays.  We were at 32 when he put that bottle down and he had already sprayed many before we counted.  He put that bottle down and picked up a Perry Ellis bottle and sprayed it directly onto his underarms.  Of course, we counted 1, 2, 3, 4………………..15, 16, 17….” He also sprayed the back of his neck with this one.  All I can say is God help the person he picks up in that cab.  OH MY GOSH at the smell!!  I would not do well. My sinuses would be all messed up. Lol

Well, hubby is just excited about the fact he is starting work with Disney.  He has to wait for them to call him in to work on his new hire paper work before they will officially give him a start date.  But from what the lady told him on the phone – he is scheduled to start on 05/21.  I don’t know if we are going look for a campground near that area, or stay where we are.  Right now, we are about 20-25 minutes from Disney – but the traffic is not bad at all.

Hubby is so funny though. He wants to take a few days off to transition to Disney.  He asked me this morning if I wanted to go to the Keys for a few days and we sleep in the van.  Ummmm, not really!  I don’t think we would have the money for it.  I am not even sure how far the Keys are from us and how long it would take.  I have never been down to the Florida Keys and would LOVE to!  I might need to research it.  I did ask him, “How do you think we will pay for it…..with our looks?”  His response is one reason why I love him.  “Sure, you are pretty cute – I would pay for ya!” hahahahaha  Dude – I am already bought and paid for by you.  I will leave you with this picture! Our tiny home is a happy home!


Thank you all for reading and have an awesome day!

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Battery Back-up, Blow-up, SCORE!!!

Oh my gosh, I was in car hell yesterday.  We started off the day with me hammering into my hubby that I need a car – bad.   Everything he said I countered with, “Well, I could go and do that IF I HAD A CAR!”  Bless his heart.  We left out of the house for him to take me to the store to get a few groceries, which I would not need a chauffeur if I HAD MY OWN CAR. He took us to lunch and while sitting there, I started talking about how we could go and see the van that I found online.  He decided to go ahead and call out and use Friday as a “find my wife a car” day.

He called the people that had the van that I found online and I could tell by his expressions – he was not really thrilled with the way they were doing business.  “OH, we have someone coming at 4pm to buy the van….. We had someone drive it this morning.   etc, etc, etc”  We went ahead and went to look at it.  Oh my gawd!  It had been wrecked, but was not falling apart.  You would think when a person calls and says “we are on our way” that they would have pulled the vehicle up and made sure everything was ok with it.   We got there and the sales person in his faded and holey sweat pants and old t-shirt told us, “Umm,  well, let me get the jump box. Battery is dead.”  We barely drove it, turned around and left. He tried everything he could to get us to stay and pay $1000.

We left and I got onto my tablet and started searching again.  I found another van at another place for $995.  We went to the place and not one person came up to us.  Now I have to say that the inside was really neat.  I have included a few pictures.  image


We also saw a huge turtle while there. image When we finally got someone he said, “I’m not a salesperson, but I can help you.”  We told him which van, he had it pulled up AFTER they put air in the tire. Yup, it had a flat tire. When we got over to it our not-a-salesperson had disappeared and the service person came up, tried to hand hubby $3 to go put gas in it for a test drive.  HUH?  When we walked up to the van facing it, we could tell the front had been wrecked.  I opened the passenger door and noticed that there was a paper mat on the floor.  I picked it up and noticed that the floor was wet and had mildew all over it.  EEEEEWWWWWWWW   It says to me that the car had a leak and it was apparent due to all the rain we have had. Honestly – I already have a leak in my house…….I dont need one in my car too. lol

After a few other places, we ended up at a dealership that works with people who have slow credit, etc.  We are trying to repair our credit. It is so bad right now due to hubby losing his job last March and not finding one until recently.  They qualified us before we looked at anything.  They were able to tell us what we qualified for.  We did a test drive, did all our paper work and became the owners of a new-to-us van.  We were able to get a 2010 Town and Country Stow n Go.  We are beyond tickled.  We were not going to get  into another financing situation, but we decided that since the other places were selling  nasty cars for what we could afford to pay out-right, we might need to rethink our situation. With what we had as a down payment, we were able to get low payments, and with hubbys job and tax season – we should be able to pay it off sooner than later.

I will leave you a few pictures of our new addition.  Have an awesome day and thanks for reading.



YES!!  This is my new van.


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