Its all gone!

I have used up all my data. That didnt last long.  Hubby has told me that I need to cool it with the internet. lol  I guess I do.  The government will not allow phone carriers to supply unlimited internet data, so I am stuck!!

We are at the library for a few minutes. Hubby told me since it is his day off, he doesnt want to be here long – and I understand.  When he left work yesterday, we headed over to Animal Kingdom.  They are starting to keep that park open late.  This is something they never did before. Usually the park would close around 5 or 6, but I guess so many people complained that they decided to keep it open.

But it was pouring last night when we got home.  I mean, the sky opened up and just let loose!  We were hoping that it was not leaking in the “condo”……which it was!  Today we stopped at Lowe’s to get a rubber sealant  spray to see if we can maybe spray a few areas where the leaks are coming in at.  It was $9.98 and we just didnt have the money for it.  We are absolutely broke.  Thankfully paychecks will be on a consistent period now. Faced with the “What the heck do we do?” I told hubby that our Shop Kicks may give us immediate Lowes Gift Cards.  If you want free money too, get ShopKicks on your phone and use my referral code:

I pulled out my phone and starting letting my fingers walk all over that app.  Sure enough, we could get a gift card that could be electronically sent to us and used immediately. Hubby had enough for $5 and I had enough to get a $5 gift card.  I absolutely LOVE free money!  The only thing we paid was tax.  We paid $0.63 out of our own pocket.


Now we just need to get it on the roof!  Which is another reason why hubby wants to hurry up and get out of the Library!  By the way, the contest is still going for my son.  Just look for this picture to vote:web Z TUCKER-47


There is only a few more hours left, and he is in 3rd place.  Really good since he just entered a few days ago.  Everyone else entered earlier in the month!!  I wish he would win – but we are ok if he doesnt. lol  Thanks for your votes.

Until tomorrow, or the next day!!  Thank you all for reading and have an awesome day.

The Perpetual Campers



Quick fix …. DONE!!

Hello.  I was absent yesterday. lol  I got tangled into a web of good ole trouble-making.  When we were at the library the other day, I saw a book right on the end in a display that I have been wanting to read badly.  While I was checking out movies, I picked it up too.

The book I have been wanting to read was TroubleMaker by Leah Remini. If you are not aware of her story, here goes!  She was brought into the Church of Scientology when she was really young by her mother.  The book was about her struggles to conform to the ways of life in Scientology and, eventually, her move to leave the organization and the harassment she received while doing so.  It was a very interesting read.  She also wrote about her struggles getting started in Hollywood. I normally do not take the time to sit and read.  I just have other things to do and I have found it hard to read when I am working with son.  I am soooo glad I read it.  Actually, I finished it in a day. #Troublemaker #LeahRemini

.Lea Remini

On to my quick fix!  We have these vents that are in the kitchen, bathroom and our bedroom.  They have the little handles on them where you can turn them and the vents will pop open to allow fresh air, etc.  Ummmm, I’m in Florida.  We dont need any fresh air here!  lol  If we did, it would only be hot air.  We even have hot air at night. I noticed that during the middle of the day that it would just get hot in here.  I told hubby that I wanted to cover those vents as a way to keep the sun from coming through.  The vents are a cloudy cover, so its not like it is direct light, but they are not insulated and the sun does come through them strongly.

I went over to Dollar General and got black poster board.  OK, I cant cut a straight line to save my life if I needed too! I brought it back and cut it to fit the vents in the kitchen and bedroom.  Well, it helped……..but I just cant cut right!  hehehe  The poster board did not stay long.  Hubby took packing tape and tried to stick them into place.  That didnt work either.  I told him that maybe we needed cardboard.  But after seeing the black poster against the cream colored ceiling, I just couldnt put brown up there.

I went back over to Dollar General for a fix!  After touring the school supply area, I found a thick poster board that was just the right color.  This was thick like cardboard.  PERFECT!!!  I purchased it for less than a dollar and brought it home.  Mr. Carpenter AKA hubby took out his measuring tape and box cutter and got to work.  I should have let him do it to begin with.  He is so much OCD with stuff like this.  He measured it out, took a ruler, drew his lines and cut.  The new cardboard posters stick into the vents perfectly!!  We have had them in place for about a month and they have not even tried to come down.  It has made our “condo” a lot cooler in here during the heat of the day too, which means our air conditioner will not need to work as hard.  Here is what it looks like.


I also ask, if you have Facebook, please go onto this link and vote for my son Zachary.  If he wins, he will win a new pair of shoes and will be a model for them for a short time.  Thank you in advance!! The link will get you to the top of the leaderboard and then just scroll down until you see his picture with my name under his picture, Stacy!!  Baby needs a new pair of shoes!

!web Z TUCKER-47

I have many things to do today.  Thank you all for reading.  Have a fantastic day.

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The ball is rolling and the rain fell hard.

I absolutely cant stand not being in my own privacy using the internet. lol  I am sitting at the library writing this today.  Son is trying to do his school work, but there appears to be a group that the library has brought in of small kids where they are LOUDLY reading stories.  The reader is very animated and son keeps trying to laugh.  Focus son FOCUS!! This will be heavy with pictures today. I also realized just now, not all of my pictures were saved on my computer.  When I get home, I will need to download again and capture the ones I forgot.  I have more pictures of the new area of Disney Springs!!

Yesterday was very exciting for us. It was hubbys day off, and he had to go and finish his NEW HIRE paperwork with Disney.  OH MY!!!  Son and I went with him so that we could make a day of it.  We sat in the van and waited while he was in there.  We could see the clouds moving in as we pulled up.  As soon as hubby walked in, the sky opened up and we were poured on.  We had parked under a tree because the sun was out and we wanted to be in a shade.  As soon as the rain started, we could hear limbs falling and hitting the van.  Then the van started to move a little bit, side-to-side.  This was making son a little nervous.  I moved over to the drivers seat and moved the van to a spot that had NO trees around it at all.  Son asked if he should keep his seat belt on.  Sure – I am too!  We were there no more than 20 minutes!!  Thats just how fast the weather rolls in FL.  Hubby was done and we were on our way. I wish I could post the video I took.  It was really bad.

We went over to Disney University so hubby could see where it was at and where he would have their version of orientation.  After that, we went over to the new area of Disney Springs that they just opened up about 2 days ago.  It is all shopping and so very nice.  I kinda felt like they were catering to locals with this new area.  Its a lot of stores that you would find in a mall.  There are also places to eat.  One thing they are working on is Planet Hollywood. That place needed refurbishing on the outside.  I think this area is going to be one of my new favorite places. It is really nice!

Going back to the parking garage. No detail is too small. Tiles on the stairs.
Guest services area. It was a wrap around porch and they had rocking chairs that we sat in for a few minutes.
Outside at the Lego store.  The backdrop is made completely of legos.  Son was in lego heaven.  lol

One place we are just excited to try (when we have some extra $$) is Poutine.  French fries with a flare!!  Honestly, I think I am going to LOVE the French version. But they all look so good!



The other place I am dying to go back is Amorettes.  Oh my gosh!  This is a pastry shop.  I need to loose some lbs before I go in there!!  Anyway, I will let the pictures speak for itself!  Enjoy!!



After we left out of Disney Springs, we decided to come back home since the weather was not good.  We were home about 30 minutes when the sky opened up again and released buckets on us.  Once again – we had leaks.  Now that hubby will be working a normal paying job – we can save up some $$ and have something done with this crazy roof. lol

Well, thank you all for reading today.  Sorry I cannot post as often right now since I have no internet at home. It is also really hard for me to read everyones blogs, but I am darn sure gonna try!! I think we are going to end up purchasing a hotspot device where we can pre-purchase internet to use. I still wont be able to download as much or look at videos – but right now it is all about saving money.  Have an awesome day my friends!!

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A night out!

We went out last night.  Hubby was off work at 5pm last night and we decided after we had dinner that we should go out and get exercise.  We went out to Disney Springs for a little walking.  I was able to get about 7000 steps in while I was there.  I have found that my amount of steps that I have gotten in have diminished – greatly!!  I am not getting the exercise I was once accustomed to.  Hopefully that will change soon since I will have a little more money for gas and can get to parks.

Anyway, boy I have such a problem getting off track sometimes, we decided to go to Disney Springs.  We were able to listen to a symphony orchestra.  We also watched a guy play a guitar like I have never seen before.  It was really awesome.  Hubby told me that the way, and type, he was playing was very  difficult.  Very good!  We enjoyed both.  But the one that we had the most fun with was an acapella group.  Their name is Right On Key.  Very talented group.  They allowed people to come take pictures with them and of course – son was the first one up in their face.  lol  I think he wanted to get into a sing off with one of them. All were very personable and just treated everyone there so nice. #rightonkey  #disneysprings


Before we left, we had to stop by the big merchandise shop and swap out our antenna thingie.  We had one that was Oswald the lucky rabbit.  imageSon had picked him out when we got our van.  Our can has an antenna on it, so we could get one finally!  Well, poor Oswald lost an ear one day.  I dont know when it happened or where we were even at, but Oswald was riding around on our antenna with only one ear.  Thats just unacceptable.  We took Oswald to the shop and traded him in for a new one.  We now have a complete Oswald leading our way down the road!


Hope you are all having an awesome day.  Our breaker has already flipped three times today.  That is no bueno for us since it is in the 90s today. Thank you all for reading!!

The Perpetual Campers

Busy lil bees just a flying all around

Thats the way I feel today.  I have things to do and dont feel like I have enough hours to do them in.  I have got to stop by the pharmacy at some point.  I just dont want to leave out.  Why, you ask.  Its flipping HOT today.

I was at the laundromat earlier and thought I was going to sweat to death – and I was the only one in there running any of the machines.  lol  I had four loads to do today.  You might wonder where we actually stash dirty laundry to keep it out of the way so that we dont walk all over it.  In the closet of course!  I shut the door and forget!  I have started to perfect this whole laundry game.  I am going once every week and a half.  It takes me about $10-$12 to wash and dry the four loads.  It just works better for us.  Usually I will stay in there and fold my clean laundry on the tables, but it was so hot today that I brought it home.  All laundry has been washed, dried, folded and put away!!

I have things around here I need to do, but just dont feel like it.  Hubby is off work by 6pm today, and he wants to go walk around Disney Springs.  Im just not sure.  Its just so hot. lol  I am such a sad case.  I hibernate in the house during the summer time unless I am going to the pool.  But I dont like cold weather either and could never survive in an area that got really cold and snow. See, sad case!!

We also need to stop in at Best Buy and a few other places near it so that we can get our ShopKicks.  All for walking in.  I am about 200 “kicks” away from having a free $5 gift card from Walmart.  I know it doesnt sound like a whole lot – but its FREE!!  I havent spent anything to get them.  Of course, if I did, I would get more kicks and get to my rewards a lot faster.  But I am ok with  just getting kicks for walking in and scanning things.  If you sign up for this, I will receive about 50 kicks! PCW Shopkick Link

We got the official “YOUR HIRED” email from Disney today.  I can say that hubby is now officially a Disney Cast Member!!

Hubby said I could post  – only if I removed his name! lol  

He has a ton of stuff to fill out.  But he can do most of it all from the comfort and luxury of our “condo”. It is a step in the right direction and hopefully he will be able to work himself into the IT Dept.  He was so excited when he called earlier, “Babe….. we get 50-60% off cruises with Disney!!!  Based on availability.”  Ummmm, yeah!  Im there.  Maybe next year for Mothers Day, or soon after!!  We have never been on a Disney cruise.  I never could see paying the $$ for it.  But heck, if they are going to mark it down way low – YES!!!  I will go.  lol  While I am thinking about travel, I just wanted to let you all know – I knew that the Keys would be too expensive for us to do right now.  I didnt want anything thinking we were crazy or anything since we are strapped for cash right now.  We are not going to go and I had to show hubby just how much it would cost.  Once I did, there was no other talks of it.  Its just one of those things where you wish you could but know you cant and even though you cant you are still going to verbalize it. So, thanks for letting us “dream” yesterday. lol

I better get off here and go do the things I need to do.  I will be grumbling the whole way! lol  Thank you all for reading and have an awesome day.

The Perpetual Campers


Shell Gas Stations are off limits for me

Well, that is until I have a good reason to utilize them again.  You know, like the owner of the one I went to the other day will have to reduce his price!  So, after I posted about my encounter, I decided to write an email to Shell Corporate.  So far, this is what they  have sent back:

Please accept our apology for any inconvenience you experienced at one of our locations.  Delivering world-class customer service is a high priority for Shell.  We are disappointed when we fail to meet your expectations, and we believe the experience you had is an exception to the way Shell branded retailers typically operate.

Our review indicates your experience occurred at one of our independently owned and operated locations.  Please be assured that we have formally recorded your feedback and the appropriate party will be notified.  Customer feedback helps us to identify opportunities for improvement.

In line with this, are you willing to  share your contact information (i.e. name, phone number and email address) in case the local corporate office wants to get in touch with you regarding this matter?

Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns.  We value your patronage and hope you will continue to choose Shell’s quality products.  If you have additional questions, please contact Shell Customer Care toll-free at 1-888-GO-SHELL (1-888-467-4355) or send an e-mail to


Shell Solutions Center
Customer Care
1(888) 467-4355

It appears, to me, as a very generic email as they pass it off to someone else. We will see what happens!!

Hubby received a message from the govt agency the other day that he had to do a drug test for them.  Second one within a week. lol  He passed the first for Disney (as if he wouldnt!!). hehehe  Now he has been scheduled for a physical on Sunday.  Yup, on Mothers Day.  The only thing that he is scared of is that is A1C was a little elevated when he went to have blood work done a few weeks ago. He has his diabetes meds now and its getting under control, but that could make him fail the physical.  Prayers on this issue please!  He is still really questionable on which job he should take if both offered.  With Disney, he will be able to get  up to 30 hrs a week overtime, which will be a really good paycheck and help us pay off a lot of things.  The govt agency – no overtime!  The pay is good, but not as good as Disney.  Also, the govt agency states in the info when filling out the application that one does not get insurance until after the employee has been with them for a year.  With Disney, he would have benefits after 90 days. Needless to say, we will have major decisions ahead of us.

Got a lot to do today. Thanks for reading my rambling thoughts. Have a great day!  We are sunny and around 80 today, so all is well.

The Perpetual Campers

Raindrops keep falling on my head…..

What a beautiful day today.  The sun is out, it is warm and we do not need to worry about rain.  The last day and a half, we were plagued with rain, rain and more rain.  The night before, I woke up to our lil doggie sitting on my pillow, in front of my face, shaking uncontrollably. Poor lil guy.  We might need to take him to the vet to see if there is any anxiety meds they can give him.  I have to admit – when it is really bad out – it scares me too.

I wet ahead and got up with him and turned on the TV.  I saw on the news that our weather was really bad and there was even hail in areas very near us.  One thing we noticed, or already knew, is that we still have leaks.  They are not as bad as they once were, but still a nuisance.  There is one that is above our heads in the bedroom area.  It drips down the wall and has gotten onto our mattress and pillows.  What I do with this is put big plastic sheets over everything that is against that wall.  Then I put dirty towels on it so that they can collect water.  During the day, we also moved the mattress about a foot away from the wall. Thankfully, this is the first time in months that this has happened.  We also noticed that there is a leak above our front door where an old antenna is at.  We have been trying to figure out if there is a way to remove and plug it up or cover it up, or something.  I had to put a small trash can under it to catch the water.  Then the last one was above our table.  Thankfully this was really tiny.  A small bowl was placed on the table to catch it, and it was probably the size of a tablespoon of water.  This one is where the slide out comes out.  I checked the other area where we have had leaks before, but there was none – thankfully!!  On his next day off, hubby is going to get up at the front and seal the area where the roof and camper meets. We hope that this might be good enough.  There is a lot of work that needs to be done on the camper  – but we just need the $$ to do so. lol

Hubby has been requested to do a drug test for the other company that he has put in an application for. This one is a government related company – so they drag their feet.  He would rather take that job over Disney because it would be a REALLY GOOD job.  Still not in the field he studies, but government work and great benefits.  He is afraid that he is going to start Disney and then a week later, or soon after, the other is going to come through.  He knows it wont look good to quit so soon to take another job. So he is in a quandary on what to do.  Guess its a good position to be in right now. lol  The other aspect of the govt job is that it would bring us back to an area near where we just moved from.  That part of it we are not so crazy about since the opportunities for son are where we are at now.  I know I can always travel back and forth for him, but the Interstate is very dangerous.

On to another subject.  Gas prices!  Yeah, I need to gripe about it today.  I know everyone thinks the price of gas is way too high where they are – and it is!  We have been paying about $2.15 per gallon in our area.  The other day I took son on an audition near the Disney area.  The gas stations around that area are notorious about having their prices a little higher because of where they are at.  I know this.  Thats why I do not stop at any of them.  Well, on the way to this audition, the gas light came on.  I told son that I was going to keep going because the hotel where the audition was at was a little off the beaten path.  I purposely did not want to stop near Disney and pay a higher price.  Heck – we dont have the money to pay a higher price right now.

I saw that there was a gas station right across from the “village” (3 hotels) area where the audition was at.  I pulled in, grabbed $5 out of my purse and went in to pay. I know, I know….I just wanted to put enough in to get back home. Plus, I didnt have much more than that with me.  Son and I walked in, told the guy what pump we were on and walked out. Another woman walked out with us and was complaining the whole time about how she wasnt going to pay their price.  I honestly did not look to see how much it was.  Well, her comments made me look!  Oh no, I am NOT paying that much!!  They wanted $5.99 PER GALLON!!  I wouldnt have even gotten enough to get a gallon.  So I walked my happy rear end back into there and told the guy that I wanted my money back.  Then I also added, “I cant believe you are charging $5.99 per gallon. That is robbery of our money and you are taking advantage of our tourist that come to our city.  Your management and owner should be ashamed of themselves!You can go a few blocks over and pay only $2.15.”  Then I walked out.  Another girl pulled up for gas when I was leaving and I asked her if she noticed the price of gas.  When she said no (she did like I did and assumed it was the same as everyone else) I politely told her that it was highly inflated and they are robbing anyone who purchases it when you can go a few blocks over and get it for $2.15.   So for all of my peeps around this area who want to know where NOT to go:


After looking up the gas station on-line – it appears as if this is normal for them and has been reported to the media for years.  One person actually paid $80 for a tank of gas.  CRAZY!!!  It is obvious – I do not go in this area very often. lol

Need to help son with school and then we are off to the pool I think!  Hope you are all having a beautiful day.  Thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers

Flashback Friday!

I wanted to do a Flashback Friday to go along with my post from yesterday.  My baby just isnt a baby anymore.  I looked back at some pictures and just remembered all those little moments.

Of course – I slept through his birth. hehehe  Yup, sure did.  He was a big ole baby and they had to do c-section for him to be born.  10lbs 2 oz later and we have this precious little baby.  BabyZach1

I remember all his little characters that he liked on TV.  Since we are flashbacking…. does anyone remember Hong Kong Phoey?  HKFueyDid I spell that right? lol  He was my favorite.  I remember that when son was 2 yrs old, he would crawl in-between hubby and I early in the morning. I would turn the TV onto the Disney Channel and he LOVED to watch Mickey Mouse Club House.


This is what he looked like when he was about 2.  I asked my aunt to take some photos of him and this is one of them.  She had the little angel wings (probably still does) and thought they would be perfect.  We were at the State Park near the town where we lived at in TN.  Thinking back now, maybe she should have had some little horns we could have put on his head too.  lolangel baby

We moved to the Florida area not long after he turned 3.  We both had lived in Florida before he was born.  We  met in Florida.  We moved to the TN area right before he was born.  While it is beautiful there – we prefer Florida more. pirate This was taken on a pirate ship tour not long after we first moved back to Florida. It was his first time on a large boat and he was more interested in looking out toward the water than what the “pirates” were doing. lol

We knew then that we had to get him on a bigger ship!!

Our next adventure with him was to take him on the Carnival Sensation.  We decided on doing that one since it was a weekend cruise.  I did not know if he was going to be able to handle the motion or if he was even going to like it.  We lived on the West coast of Florida at the time and this one sailed out of Port Canaveral – on the East coast.  We stayed in Orlando the night before and headed out the next morning.  Oh the sounds that were coming from the back seat when son saw the ship for the first time.  He would just giggle and giggle.  We got him all checked in and onto the ship.  Had lunch and then brought him up to the top deck so that he could look around.  We had a cool day that day and all of us had to wear jeans and sweaters.(It was mid-December and the ship was decorated for Christmas)  Look at Mr. Cool laying there like he owns the whole ship!!!  zachSensationThis trip is when I was able to get a first hand view of how well Camp Carnival was with our kiddos.  He wanted to be at Camp more than he wanted to be with us!!  They also had a Christmas program with Camp Carnival and brought son on stage to be part of it.  Stage



Little did I realize back then that he was getting his first shot of acting and would want to be on stage MORE. hehehe

Well, thank you for letting me go back in time. I miss my lil man being little!  But I LOVE him growing and showing his personality to me.  Hubby has received 2 really good phone calls today.  I dont want to jinx it just yet, but hopefully soon we will have something to share.  Thank you all for reading  and have a fantabulous Friday!!

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Laundry is done!

Ohhhh, Im doing a second entry today. lol  How special.  Ok, laundry is done.  From the start – when I closed the lid on the washer and pushed the quarters in until I took the clothes out of the dryer and folded them – it took me all of one hour and 15 minutes to do………….4 loads of laundry.  I was so bad this past week. I kept putting it off, and off, and off.  I went about a week and a half between washes and shouldnt have.  I still need to put it all up, but I just need a break after being in the hot laundromat.

There are some things that I just do not dry.  Some of those are t-shirts, etc. Just depends on what type of material they are made from.  I have been able to go long periods of time without buying new clothing because I hang most wearing clothes up to dry instead of putting them in the dryer.

When we moved in here, we got an accordion type laundry hanger to put outside to dry our clothes.  The spaces were so near each other, they didnt allow for wind to go in-between very often and it took longer to air dry.  One day I was at Aldi and found a clothes hanger that was on a tripod.  HHHHMMMMM, This looks like it will allow the air to go in-between and dry the clothes faster.  The picture is just like the one I purchased. imageI think I purchased it for $12.  The problem that I have with it is that it is plastic.  A somewhat good wind comes through and knocks it down.  I guess I need to find something that can pin it to the ground or hold it in place. lol

Ok, guess I will go put my laundry up. Have a good one!!

The Perpetual Campers


The weekend is here, now what?

Looks like it is going to be an uneventful day. lol  Hubby is working on an assignment for school.  Thats going to keep him pretty busy all day – and thats ok.  He would rather put the time in and get a good grade than rush through it.  Last paper was as a team and every team (not just his) overlooked a component of the paper.  At first they did bad, but the professor let them resubmit for a much much better grade.

He has been up forever this morning. He had an exam that he had to go and take for a job position.  He did really good for it, now we play the waiting game to see if they call him for an interview.  Interviews are called on a grading scale – meaning, if someone else made a better score than he did, they get the call first.  We are hopefully optimistic. lol

Looks like it is going to rain today too.  Might be a game day.  I have Clue and Monopoly, plus a deck of cards.  Will need to clean the table off if we want to play.

Last night was a little nostalgic for me. I have made this for my two guys before – but it has been a while.  I know I have talked about it before, but one of my friends sent me a toaster oven to make it easier for me to cook in the “condo”.  My oven is about the size, or a little smaller, than the toaster oven – but I have to use our gas for it as well.  With the toaster oven, I plug it in and let it do its thing. lol  So I bet you are wondering what I made. hehehe

When I was young, there was a place (I cant remember the name) where you would walk up and order your food. It was right across from the High School and city park.  Kinda like the one in the picture here, but not that flashy. hehe  imageAnyway, we would order Frito Pie from them.  They would empty the fritos into a little paper”boat”, top it with chili and then melt cheese on top.  They would place the boat back into the frito bag with a spoon and you would have your “pie”.  I absolutely LOVED them.  I introduced hubby an son to frito pie a few years ago.  I dont make it often, but when I do – its a hit.  I buy the big bag of fritos, a few cans of chili and use about half a bag of shredded cheese. I layer it and bake it.  Soo good.


Being from small town Mississippi – we had 3 of these places that you walk up to and order.  Ms. Cooks had the BEST roast beef po-boys.  Oh my gosh – heavenly.  When I make them at home, I come close to how good hers were, but hers were still the best.  The other place was Jacks.  Best cheeseburgers EVER!!!  There was a spice in their meat that just gave them a unique taste.  All 3 places are now closed.  So sad.

This reminds me – I need to go figure out what I should pull out of the freezer for dinner tonight. lol  Thank you for reading and letting me walk down memory lane.  Have a good day everyone.

The Perpetual Campers